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Established only in July 2004, Original-i Co. Ltd. is, however, a company with an experienced crew in furniture design and manufacture for almost two decades.

The founder of Original-i has been in the furniture industry for twenty years, and the designers and manufacturers for the company also hold more than fifteen years of experience in this industry. With globalization influencing world economy, Southeast Asian countries and China, in particular, have released their labor force and adopted cheap manpower to enhance their competitiveness.

As a result, buyers from other countries have more options for furniture made in Asia and tend to opt for well-designed furniture. The low-or medium-priced furniture that used to be manufactures in Taiwan is losing its popularity. To compete with other Asian countries with inexpensive labor and mass production, Taiwan has to re-conceptualize the furniture design to remain competitive in the market. Original-i’s new aesthetic furniture design in the new era thus promises to meet different needs for different individuals.

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We meet different needs for different individuals.

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We meet different needs for different individuals

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